Poetry and Fiction



Ben Cartwright's work appears in The Pinch, DIAGRAM, West Branch, Seneca Review, and elsewhere. He welds sculptures for his garden, makes insect jewelry for other poets, and builds arcade cabinets made from recycled sewing machines. He once Skyped with Margaret Atwood after winning third place in the Atty Awards.

He is a professor at Spokane Falls Community College, and is currently working on a Children's Picture Book of univocalic poetry.


Cartwright employs a certain muscularity and musicality. In fact, reading these poems I often felt myself teetering between extremes I recognize from actual life: energy/vitality/buoyancy vs. duty/stasis/entropy. The poems pace the long plank of these mental and emotional states, and even as we hover and balance near the fulcrum, we sense what's on either side, what looms, what awaits.